Caught and Taught


So in three days I’ll be leaving for my first ever mission trip. Many times, while explaining to my friends or authorities about why I’ll be absent for activities for most of June, I’ve been asked, “So where are you going?”

Think about it- “mission trip.” Considering I live in Malaysia, you’d expect me to be going somewhere like- I don’t know- Sabah, Sarawak, Cambodia, or China… right?


I’ll be part of a youth team conducting camps for kids in the city.

Eh, what? Is that even a mission trip?

Okay. I guess different people define it differently, but to me it’s still a mission trip. Why? Um, cause I’m going with a mission?

Anyways, back to the trip, the camps will be held in three different countries for a week each. And I’m kind of nervous and yet excited.

Excited because, well I love the challenge of working with kids and the fulfilment of seeing a smile on a child’s face. 🙂 Nervous because… I don’t know what to expect?

The next three weeks are going to be crazy, hectic ones. My friends can attest to that. And that means I probably won’t have time to blog, so I’ll be getting two great friends to guest post here, and I’m super excited about what they’ll have to share!

It also means that every bit of me will be put to use! In a good way, of course. Yes, it will mean lots of exhaustion- that’s for sure. And frankly, while that is the least of my worries, I’m not sure how my body will respond to the stress.

But here’s something that really got me thinking.

When God pushes you to the edge of difficulty, trust Him fully because two things can happen: either He’ll catch you when you fall, or He will teach You how to fly.

Now, don’t you think that’s assuring? I certainly do, and this quote brought to mind many instances where God did exactly that- He either caught me or taught me.

I’ll take my music exams as an example. I’ve taken several piano exams and theory exams in the past. They was quite some time back, but God’s weaving that element of “Caught/Taught” in those experiences is evident to me.

I walked into the examination room on the day of my practicals, and even though I kept my composure, I didn’t do very well. I could blame it on the piano (which, by the way, was extremely hard to play), but really, if I were to be honest with myself, I hadn’t practised nearly as much as I should have. I walked out crushed, expecting a fail.

I walked into the examination hall on the day of my theory exam, an overwhelming sense of dread seeping through me. Moments before, I had stood in the hallway, gazing into the school courtyard, and tried unsuccessfully to conceal my tears as crowds of nervous children, worried teachers, and excited parents pushed their way to the different classrooms. I walked out, puzzled over a question on a (if I remember correctly) French musical term. And similarly, I didn’t expect to do well.

God surprised me with results I totally did not expect. And for those not-so-stellar results, He gave me the strength to receive the news with grace.

I don’t know. There are so many more examples of His work in my life, but just in these few seemingly insignificant events, I’ve seen how He both taught me how to fly, and caught me as I fell.

I’m not trying to brag. Honest. In fact, I’m more than happy to say God did that work. I have absolutely no idea how it all happened. But it just goes to show what God can do when I trust Him.

And in these three weeks to come, I’m sure God will do a lot of catching and teaching, because I know I don’t have that strength within myself to make it through the trip. But I know for a fact that He does.

My Father will give me the strength. And He will catch me when I fall and teach me how to fly. 🙂


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